The Team

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The Team Lead

Anamika Mittal

Hi ! I am Anamika .
I help brands move ahead and reach greater heights through the right tools.
Digital Marketing is the future and brands need to start creating their unique positions in the competitive world. Moving ahead in the digital world requires executing the best strategy. My experience over the years has helped me in doing just that. As a Delivery Lead, I have handled over 30+ projects.
The right combination of skills acquired during my MBA and B. Tech have helped me in doing what is right for a brand from scratch to success.
With HashTAGit, I plan to plunge into the digital world and make a mark that's even above the sky.
I love my work. Even when not working, you will find me looking for new ways and tools in order to take projects forward. Yet, being the fitness freak that I am, I love spending time at the gym.

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The Project Co-ordinator

Sheffali Kothari

Hi ! I am Sheffali .
I help brands reinforce quality on all digital properties.
In the way today's technology has become advanced, all brands have become extremely active on all digital marketing platforms. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. Tech Savvy or not, almost all customers today gain information through digital platforms. Here, the key is the appropriate execution of the best strategy.
The digital world has always attracted me. And my background of Mass Communication and Management has inculcated in me the right blend of skills giving me an edge in the digital world.
With HashTAGit, I attempt to ensure that all our projects are constantly growing. So that, both of us are always on top of our game.
I have always strived to do better every day. Each passing day is a new challenge. How you overcome that challenge is what matters. When not working, you will find me listening to music or just goofing around.

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The Campaign Manager

Chhaya Ranka

Hi ! I am Chhaya .
I help brands conceptualize and create their stories (through campaigns, website and other digital properties).
Before taking up a role as a Campaign Manager, I was an addict to Social Media. So, I decided to turn my addiction into my profession. Unlike many other campaign managers, I got a chance to both plan and execute campaigns that have a tremendous impact on audience.
Being an MBA and a Mass Communication graduate, I have acquired the right blend of skills that fit perfectly well with what I do.
Over the last one year, my words have been used by 20+ brands. Over the next couple of years, together with HashTAGit, I plan to elevate digital content.
When not working, you will find me engrossed in conversations on TV Series and Pink Dogs. Also, I have been trying to find that perfect balance between healthy and unhealthy food in my life.

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The Lead Designer

Gaurav Gupta

Hi ! I am Gaurav .
I help brands design and bring life to their stories, campaigns and words.
Visuals enhance the appeal of the content and Good visuals keep the audience glued to you, wanting for more. I love the fact that I get to play a part in the making of the brand. Understanding what the brands stand for is the key here. Once you get that right, all doors can be unlocked easily.
Having worked with over 80+ brands in the last 9 years, in my opinion, when content and design combine, that is when all the magic happens.
Being a part of HashTAGit, I have worked on projects from various verticals that has provided me dynamism in my designs. With HashTAGit, I plan to significantly contribute towards the creation of a visually appealing digital future.
There is a certain sense of peace that I find in music. Music always keeps me going.

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The Senior Seo Analyst

Anjli Dixit

Hi ! I am Anjli .
I help brands execute. Brands these days have become very competitive. They have been using abstract ideas to communicate with their audience. Also, the internet has taken over widely. In such a scenario, it is essential to be on top in all ways. Keywords are an excellent way to ensure that. They improve your visibility all over the internet.
Over the past couple of years, I have ranked keywords for almost 50+ brands from varied verticals which has indeed been fruitful and have helped them be on top on all search pages. The technical skills that I gained during my MCA have helped me in analyzing which keywords need to be worked upon a lot more than the others.
The last 3 years with HashTAGit have been the most joyous and enthralling years of mine. Having worked on multiple projects, meeting targets and always trying to elevate what I do by going an extra mile, I have been able to achieve more than what I had targeted.
When it comes to SEO, there is not a lot of time to spare. Every minute matters. Every step matters. While I enjoy doing what I do, there are times you may find me taking a break engrossed in conversation on clothes, food and other things I love.

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The Lead Seo Aanalyst

Balbir Singh

Hi ! I am Balbir .
I help brands execute. Buying habits of customers have changed rapidly in the last one decade. There is a lot of dependency on the internet when it comes to gaining information on products. Whether you are in the digital world or not, leads drive everyone's business. Instead of finding customers using mass advertising, brands should now start focusing on pulling buyers.
In the past few years, I have generated leads for almost 50+ brands from various verticals. And those leads have definitely proved to be the most sought after.
In the last 5 years with HashTAGit, I have gone from scratch and risen to success while keeping the ultimate goal of winning always as the prize in the back of my mind.
As a person actively involved in the process of generating business, there is no moment for me to spare. Work has become my life. Work keeps me going.

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The Lead SMO Analyst


Hi ! I am Akansha .
I help brands reinforce quality on all digital properties. I strongly feel that Digital Marketing has brought about radical change over the way brands have positioned themselves. Having worked on numerous projects, I feel that brands from any sector should use Digital Marketing extensively. What matters is the executing the right strategy at the right time in front of the right audience.
I strive to ensure that all our projects have the same response for us, so that both HashTAGit and I are always 10 on 10.
Entering the digital space after my B. Tech was a huge change for me. When I decided to switch my career, many had raised their eyes. Till date, people have been doing so. But the Change is what happened to be a blessing in disguise. As a matter of fact, I am glad I did so.
I am a go getter. You will never find me not working. On the rare occasions when I am not working, you can find me talking about anything and everything.

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The Developer


Hi ! I am Anand .
I help brands execute Your website is a representation of you in the virtual world. So, what and how you put in content over there matters. A good website has good traffic. Best websites force your customers to stay on for longer durations of time.
Coding for websites and applications is not anyone's cup of tea. It requires a whole lot of determination and new ideas on a regular basis. My Master's degree in computer applications has helped me gain the right blend of skills that have improvised over the years as I have started working on applications more dedicatedly.
With HashTAGit, I have been directly involved in the building of their proprietary app, HiDigify, from scratch. Currently, the app is being used by more than 20+ brands. I strive to constantly make the performance of the app better.
I am a movie buff. On the rare occasions when I am not working, you will find me talking about the latest movies that I have watched and the ones that are yet to be released.

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Project Co-ordinator


Hi ! I am Shimoni .
I help brands reinforce quality across all digital platforms. In a world full of social media, who wants to use traditional means to communicate? No one! With the world becoming technologically advanced each passing day, most companies have been taken over by the art of digital marketing.
Having worked for brands from diverse verticals like automobiles, healthcare, jewelry and more, I have been able to identify the loopholes as well as the right tools and platforms that should be used to be successful in the long run. Moreover, the management skills that I have acquired from my MBA has certainly helped me in understanding what works the best when the least amount of time is available.
I love doing things that are creative. And with HashTAGit, I have been doing that every day.
When life throws lemons at me, I take it in with a pinch of salt and sugar. That is how I move ahead in life. When I am not working you will find me taking pictures as I love capturing and cherishing every moment.

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Project Co-ordinator


Hi ! I am Koushambi .
I help brands reinforce quality across all digital platforms. Digital Marketing is definitely the future of marketing. Over the years, I myself have used social media very prominently. And have come to realize that it is an extremely important tool when it comes to influencing customers.
Being a person who has always been in the healthcare sector, Digital Marketing was an extremely new concept for me. I had always been curious about how things worked. And when I got the opportunity to explore the sector, I just couldn't resist. Now I know that not just in healthcare, but also in other verticals, Digital Marketing is the new trend.
HashTAGit is the stepping stone in my journey in the digital world. Together, we can move ahead in the field with the right platform and tools.
While I enjoy doing all things digital, I love talking as well. When I am not working, you will probably find me talking to someone or the other.

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Digital Marketing Co-ordinator


Hi ! I am Anshi .
I help brands execute In a world full of websites, yours deserves to be on top always. In the world of Digital Marketing, now that every brand is online, let your brand be the differentiator. And to do that, you need to use the right keywords. This ensures that you have the most visibility on all platforms.
Having a degree in B. Tech has proved to be of a lot of help in the digital field. With the knowledge of the right set of skills and tools, your brand can reach a whole lot of audience and gain traffic on your website.
HashTAGit, it is not just a name. Here, I have got a chance to explore the digital world. Getting to pitch in ideas on various campaigns and at the same time working as a team with the project managers is what motivates me a lot. Plunging into the digital world and making a name for our team, that is the only aim.
I am a nerd and a fitness freak. And when you are sitting for longer durations of time, blogs and tips on fitness are what I am on the constant lookout for.