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How can Digital Marketing help my Startup create Brand Value?

Starting that business must have been exhilarating. But to “get it there” and “get it right” can pose as a challenge when it comes to brand positioning. To begin from the beginning, let us first deal with the elephant in the room.
There is a marked digital shift in the approach organizations are taking to create a brand value and accelerate revenue. Owing to this turning of the gyre, the approach that startups need to take has to be equally ruthless and aggressive. In the recent times, most startups like Local Banya entered with a show-stopping business idea but fizzled out in years due to lack of sustainable marketing strategies and funds. Sources say that Pepper Tap has also closed its operations in most cities setting the siren of closing ringing. Hence, a conventional marketing approach can only sink your ship not far from the coast!
As your digital marketing strategist, we have closely watched the market and worked with multiple startups right from their inception-phase to scaling up their business. What more? We never forgot that we too were once a startup and hence we value every relation we make, every bond that is forged, every cent that is spent and we deliver you with visible results. We grow with you!

Our marketing strategies for you begin with a monitored focus on your Return on Investment as we understand the tight rope of budget you are walking on. We can help you build engagement, visibility, and brand awareness so you can engage with the right customers at the right time through optimum channels using our digital marketing strategies.

How About a Well-Planned Digital Strategy Over a Conventional Approach?

With greater engagement comes deeper penetration in the market. Entrepreneurs must understand the ever-changing dynamics of the market and capitalize on the engagement for the “digitally influenced.”
As consumers have increasingly adopted digital technology, they have also altered the way purchase decisions are made. For those who understand this evolution are now prudently moving digital interactivity to the center of their marketing strategies – revamping their budgets, priorities, and processes.
How Will A Potential User Resonate With Your Startup?

  • How different is your concept as compared to your competitors?
  • Does your website carry all the information on services provided by you?
  • Do you have a professional-looking website that the search results can churn easily?
  • What are people reviewing about you on comparison sites?
  • Do you have testimonials from your clients or existing user?
  • How are you differentiating the overall user-experience from competitors in your locality?
  • Are you enhancing your reputation as an expert by building credibility, liking, and authority?
  • Are you participating or organizing engaging events?
  • Do you have a blog with informative articles that are useful to your prospective user and help them solve their queries?

How HashTAGit helps?

HashTAGit deploys innovative practices to improve your startups presence across all digital platforms by:

  • Organic approach: HashTagit shares the content across multiple relevant groups to gain maximum impressions for the posts.
  • Inorganic approach: HashTagit deploys other tools like “Boost Post” to boost the reach of the content.
  • Channels utilized: Posts including events are moved across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Flickr, Slideshare, Stumbleupon, Google+, etc.
  • Off-page optimization: Directory submission, blog posting, social book marking and creating strong backlinks, etc.
  • On-page optimization: Building original, unique content including well-researched keywords in appropriate density and optimized images and video.
  • Theme-based Ad-campaigns: Various ad-campaigns are deployed as per the theme, like cloud based telephony.
  • Events promotions: We promote the events that you organize and participate in through social media and website.
  • Content building: Building original content and pushed across social media, blogging and other forums in forms of pictures, content.

Key Services

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Re-targeting campaigns (Social & Display)
  • Lead Management System (LMS)
  • Lead Generation
  • Website Development and Rejuvenation
  • Media Buying
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Rich Media Creatives

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