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Helping you manage your business reputation on the web and social media, measure social media sentiments

The internet has been a mix of good and bad. What started as an information-sharing platform now becomes a pit of information deluge. In over a few years’ time, we have been hearing the rise and fall of Twitter handles or workstation monitoring in org structures. It is clear that the internet gastronomy has overpowered the way personal and organizational brands are playing themselves out in the market.

Obviously, business strategies and decision making have become more sensitized than ever! Having launched ourselves as one of the most stable, dependable, performance-based and strategic marketing partners of nationally reputed organizations, we deliver assurance. HashTAGit has sponged and absorbed most of the bad karmic responses that the internet carries for multiple organizations and has helped them emerge at cleaner platforms. With our targeted and focused approach to identifying the bad apples, we do everything to make the digital experience better for you.

There is a clear shift. Organizations have moved on from being process-driven to being data and image driven. A bad hospital experience, a bad day at a renowned education centre, being fired from the last job or getting caught in a pocket-burning dermatology deal, the rise and fall of reputation isn’t a new enigma.

Reputation is a low-hung fruit, and it can indeed be churned to also create ground-breaking opportunities. To be the big fish in the pond, HashTAGit has been working with some of the leaders in its team to create an impeccable reputation structure for your organization and hang your digital shingle the way it deserves to be hung! (Hang – Portray)

Breathe and ask yourself:

    • Am I listening to my customers to improve their satisfaction and to find out about the good-bad mix in the products or services I am offering?
    • Am I monitoring my competitors and their customers’ perceptions of their products and services?
    • Am I prepared for stinkers or a Digital crisis management?
    • Whether your strategy is to embrace, filter or control social media, we’ll shoulder every approach of yours to monitor your brand online and improve communication. Your partner, in good times as well as bad!

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Output Focused

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