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Using paid ads to quickly reach out to the relevant prospects for your business

The Digital Marketing canvas is a competitive one and cutting across the herd mentality to bring unique perspectives is what HashTAGit is about.
Pay Per Click advertising is an optimal way to buy online advertising. You only pay for the desired action, typically a click through an impression, sign up on a form or a telephonic enquiry. With complete design and implementation strategies by your side, we help you sail through a steady growth curve at every step. We make sure your company gets the desired action on all campaigns you set up.
Offering a bouquet of niche marketing services, we bring you a ruthless combination of the following Pay Per Click options:

  • Google Adwords and Google Shopping Campaigns: The fastest and most direct way to be in front of our customers, but can get prohibitively expensive. We optimize your spends by helping you select the right keywords and closely watching the Adwords quality score and a combination of other techniques which we have mastered over the years.
  • Social Media Advertising: This is a great way to drive traffic to your website but it is rare to find experts who know the nuances of targeted advertising to maximize conversions per impression (CPI). We help you maximize your CPI through a combination of our subject matter expertise, our analytical approach to the problem and our creative skills.
  • Display Advertising: Hit the social space with our crisp and catchy banner advertising across websites relevant to your target market.
  • Remarketing –This helps you target users who have previously visited your website, to improve the chances of conversions.

All the above techniques are most effective when there is a solid and effective call-to-action landing pages on your websites and social media platforms for better web visibility.
There is a method to the madness and for us, it is through converting every site visit to a prospect. We use a combination of modern Conversion rate optimization technologies like A/B testing, heat mapping etc. to help optimize the landing pages to maximize Conversion rate of visitors to your website. Again, with our power of analytics and our efficacy as dedicated marketing strategists, we serve tangible and heart-warming marketing results..

While you are reading this, your competitor is already doing it!

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Output Focused

Output Focused

Target based deliverables we measure performance across KPI's

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Technology Enabled

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Content Leadership

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