Sachin Chaudhary – Director


Always being a believer of going hard or going home, I have had a knack for chasing novel ideas and putting them into motion. I believe in surrounding myself with inspirers & passionate individuals who live to make a difference.

I founded Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing brand (HashTAGit) primarily to focus on Healthcare, Education & Start-up (e-commerce) businesses, given the importance of the subject in the space. In just a couple of years, it has evolved as an active player in the space, perhaps even a leader in the focus industries.

With over 15 years’ experience in Management Consulting, Healthcare operations, Information technology & startup environment, I have mostly worked directly with Promoters of companies & the Board to drive initiatives. Worked with brands like GAP VC, Genpact, Ernst & Young (EY), Infosys, Wockhardt Hospitals, & Fortis among others.

While in the race to become the CEO of a leading healthcare chain, the entrepreneurial bug bit and the brand Medical Second Opinion, HashTAGit and HiDigify were created.

I have always been a firm believer in the strength of an idea and hence, have been able to transform a few of those into viable business models. I’ve been at the forefront of turning concepts into “have built.” I founded a Multi-million $ healthcare portal for Medical Second Opinion and personal health records, which was later acquired by the Grameen Healthcare Singapore, GAP VC and IFFCO. Currently, I’m working on content management and digital analytics tool “HiDigify” which has already gained a significant traction in the market.

The very definition of thought leadership drives me to attain perfection in whatever role I play. Global Experience: India, US, UAE, Dubai, Kenya & Singapore.





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