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How can Digital Marketing enhance my Hospital’s brand value?

Putting forward a hospital-quality information that the customer probably wants to hear is extremely crucial for the healthcare segment. A rumor or a heavy medical expense can set the grapevine racing in the wrong direction. With an alarming number of potential customers searching for your brand online, the competition is tougher than you think.
Digital Marketing is allows one to indulge in reaching out to every consumer in person and emerging as a patient-centered brand that approaches healing and care holistically. As an example, hospitals who are purely driven by revenue growth need a brand re-positioning or a re-branding through digital marketing platforms.
Gone are the days when healthcare had to rely on traditional methods like word of mouth referrals for customer engagement and image positioning. We can help you build a concrete customer base and reputation using our digital marketing strategies. We help you build a ‘circle of trust’ and secure patients and potential customers to generate brand loyalty in the market.

How Will A Patient Resonate With Your Medical Services?

  • Do you have a professional-looking website that can be easily found on the internet?
  • Does your website provide easy access to all the information on services provided by you?
  • What are people reviewing about you on comparison sites?
  • Do you have testimonials from your happy customers?
  • How different are your services/practices as compared to your competitors’ services/practices?
  • How are you differentiating the overall user-experience from competitors in your locality?
  • Are you enhancing your reputation as an expert by building credibility, liking, and authority?
  • Do you have a blog with informative articles that are useful to your patients and help them improve their health?

How HashTAGit Helps?

HashTagit will help you redefine your patient relationship by:

  • Organic approach: HashTagit shares the content across multiple relevant groups to gain maximum impressions for the posts.
  • Inorganic approach: HashTagit deploys other tools like “Boost Post” to boost the reach of the content.
  • Channels utilized: Posts including events are moved across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, BlogSpot, Tumblr, Flickr, Slideshare, Stumbleupon, Google+, etc.
  • Off-page optimization: Directory submission, blog posting, social book marking and creating strong backlinks, etc.
  • On-page optimization: Building original, unique content including well-researched keywords in appropriate density and optimized images and video.
  • Theme-based Ad-campaigns: Various ad-campaigns are deployed as per the theme, like Mental Health awareness month, Breast Cancer awareness month, etc.
  • Content building: Building original content and funneled into social media, blogging and other forums in forms of pictures, content.

HashTagit has already partnered with prominent healthcare service providers in the following domain with a promise of digital visibility and growth:

  • Specialty: Dentists, Surgeons, Dermatologists, Physiotherapists
  • Multi-Specialty: Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Orthopedists, Obstetricians, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Rheumatologists, Osteopathic and General Physicians

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