# Enhance revenue through digital

The biggest key to run a business successfully is leads. When it comes to ecommerce, there are more than 100 ways of generating leads. However, there are a few methods that are more effective than the others.

Here are 4 ways to generate more qualified leads for your Ecommerce business.

1. Make your Ecommerce site Responsive and more Mobile & Tablet Friendly
With the growth in the rate of technological advancements, Tabs and smartphones have become increasingly popular for surfing the Internet. Users are accessing the internet from multiple devices making it incredibly important for a webpage to function properly in every device. As the name suggests, a responsive website means that your site will nicely display the content in one column when viewed on the mobile screen phone while it can be seen in 2 columns when viewed on the laptop. It’s a trend that advertisers are using to make their website appear more mobile and tablet friendly.

When it comes to lead generation, people are less likely to stay on your site if it doesn’t automatically show up well on other screen sizes. Moreover, they encounter difficulty finding the newsletter sign-up button, leaving them frustrated to scroll back and forth to view the entire webpage.

2. Create targeted landing pages for each Product
As an ecommerce business, it is extremely crucial to create hyper-concise landing pages for each product which will not only optimize your conversion rates but also profits. From the payment confirmation page, it is crucial to optimize the flow of your visitors through each step of the process for a successful transaction. According to research, Optimonk shows that conversions increase up to 15% when targeted landing pages are utilized. Here is an example to one of the Health ecommerce website- Meddey which has crafted relevant keywords to guide the visitor to the landing page for each product.

3. Do an SEO audit for each Product
One of the most important steps of generating qualified leads is to make sure your potential customers can actually navigate your website. To remedy this, it is crucial to optimize your site using SEO parameters. An SEO audit means going through each page of your site and optimizing it making it easily searchable on the top of search engine rankings. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the most optimal practices for increasing traffic on the website through organic search engine results. For relevant targeting, it can be a bit time consuming in selecting the wide range of keywords from a mix of high-ranking and mid-ranking keywords to get the best results.

4. Incorporate Customer Reviews, testimonials, Product Reviews and Rating
Customer Reviews, Testimonials and Ratings are highly effective as strategies. It is not only important in earning site visitors but also converting new visitors to permanent customers. It is also advisable to choose testimonials which are more content heavy, that offer more detail as those are the ones which are most convincing.  Naturally, you wouldn’t want visitors wondering whether those positive reviews are real and neither do you want visitors to encounter negative reviews condemning your brand. Seeking permission prior to getting photos, words or videos of the client is fairly important to establish trust factor even more. The objective here is to make potential visitors feel more confident knowing that there are actual people behind those happy and positive reviews.  It also enhances credibility in the minds of potential customers.


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