Best social media channels for my business promotion

Digital marketing is today’s need and one must know how to endorse brand well cross the internet. One has to follow innovative marketing ideas and strategize them perfectly to further grab new leads and convert them into sales. You have to ensure that your brand name and all its associated advertisements run at the top of every search engine that fetches a great deal of attention from new customers towards your business.

The best platform to showcase your business and promote it further is none other than social media channels. If you see then you get variety of social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc. You can actually reach millions of users in a go. Before you start your promotional events, you must know which social media platforms are popular ones that you can actually put in your use.

Social Media channels where you can put your brand name and make it rise to a new height. These platforms include:

Social Media Platform Name Facebook Twitter
How to use or what exactly to do? You can start by following these steps:

  • Simply making your business page on this social media platform.
  • Promote it by posting and getting likes on the page. More the likes on it, more reach to greater audience.
  • You must post good updates about your business telling people what you actually do, what kind of products and services are offered by your brand name.
  • You can even take help through paid Facebook promotional events to connect to more people around the globe.
  • You can use Facebook ads service as well that are published on the right side to attract clients.
  • Make your business’s twitter account.
  •  Follow the similar companies or business brands to get n idea what and how they tweet to grab the attention of users.
  • Follow trends that keep going and participate.
  • Tweet majorly bout your brand and products.
  • Make yourself a part of good groups on Twitter to expand your vision and name.
  • You can use twitter paid service as well to reach greater audience.


  • Reach to millions of users at once.
  • New customers acquisition
  • Remain connected with the existing ones.
  •  Communicating recent updates and launches by your company
  •  Real time updates and communication with new people.
  • 140 crisp characters to tell users about the brand.
  • Touching new clients and for the leads.


If your business deals with the products that need to be showcased through catchy and jazzy images then Instagram is your platform. This image based Social Media platform is the best way to tell the world about what you deal in.

Things to follow for Instagram marketing:

  • Use HD quality pictures. Avoid hazy and dull images.
  • Do not post 10 or more pictures at a time. Plan, edits accordingly and then post.
  • Use amazing hashtags and descriptions to connect with higher people or users.

Social media platforms are the best sources to market your brand well.