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Getting relevant targeted messaging to your specific accounts for increasing business

How Can Digital Marketing Proliferate An Already Successful IT Company?
You know you’re a successful company, but you also know there are plenty of other successful companies. How will you outrun them and continue to build credibility and engagement?
Technology, over the years, has gathered a momentum of its own. This growth has also brought in a fair share of uncertainties. IT companies and their clients are struggling to evolve their communications and technology practices to attract the right customers. Reason? Market dynamics have changed and so has the game.
If your hands are still full with the siloed traditional approach – Go Digital!

Digital revolution has shrunk the world. Everything that meets the eye, that one reads about, thinks of or overhears is probably a mechanism of the digital marketing enigma. Every product or service that the customer thinks of investing in or buying thinks through a multi-layered purchasing decision. This is where we come in handy.

HashTAGit is known for creating strategies that increase the points of influence for your technology and makes it more consumption-friendly. Not all technology that is available in the market is consumed by the individual; not all technology is meant for commonplace consumption either. Marketing IT services online is a different proposition altogether. As per our expertise and experience, the following are the two main challenges that IT companies face:

  • The IT Company ends up being the middle-man instead of having the monopoly. How? Typically, an IT service provider coordinates with both – the business buyer and the technology buyer. Since both sell differently, the IT marketer has to put in a lot of thought in customizing the marketing message.
  • The typical IT buyer is already aware of the problem that needs solution and is trying to find the appropriate technology partner to do just that.

Here is when HashTagit becomes the missing piece in the jigsaw puzle. Using our extensive digital marketing strategies and proprietary tools, we help IT companies achieve business goals and increase revenue without getting caught in the above rigors.
How HashTagit helps?

HashTagit deploys best practices to appeal both these buyers by:

  • Design a professional website that emanates authority as well as stimulates credibility and trust.
  • Illustrating your company as the domain expert via content development.
  • Crafting social media campaigns that convey the message clearly – to attract the target audience.
  • Dynamic retargeting of audience
  • Generating leads
  • Building high quality blogs
  • Rich Media Creatives

HashTagit has already helped a prominent Make-in-India IT service provider find growth in unexplored horizons and pump in profits.

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HashTagIt’s humble beginning dates back to the year 2012, when the founders had a very disappointing experience working with a renowned digital marketing agency and some freelancers, which were hired for their startup in Health-Tech space. Their complete lack of business perspective forced the founders to incubate a parallel captive venture initially named as “Art of Webscience” to handle the digital marketing efforts of their startup. Read More