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Account Based Marketing

Delivering stellar Return on Investment on any B2B marketing strategy or tactic – HashTAGit breaks a few rules here to redefine ABM for you. ABM is a definite magnet for B2Bs that promises a streamlined sales growth, helps you prey on bigger deals and definitely increase the pipeline velocity. High-value target accounts are the Pandora’s box with a potential to pump revenue to launch your growth influentially. You might be selling something as niche as a specific luxury car component to a niche clientele with a targeted segment, ABM helps you create a lasting flutter and make you the preferred seller. A well-tufted AMB strategy can win you influence that comes to life with handholding from your sales teams. Learn More

Content Marketing

A few Exabytes of content is created and posted on the web each day. In this deluge of content, your business content needs to stand out and we can help you achieve that.The customers have become very skillful at researching about businesses and brands online and therefore it is important to provide immensely valuable, relevant and engaging content to really become the top of the mind recall for your customers. Learn More

Digital Marketing

Every branding points out to the fact that Digitalization is a new era. The focus of new business model, empowered by digital media, is, therefore, shifting from selling things to selling results. It is not far when everyone is going to be connected, and things are done digitally. There are a number of companies driving with this mindset and we stand out with Creativity, Engagement, and Innovation. We understand your challenges in terms of marketing and brand. We help you to get heard in this noisy world through techniques of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Google Adwords and Analytics. Learn More

Digital Strategy Marketing

Are you looking for answers to the following questions? How do I spend my dollars in digital marketing – what channels will be the most effective and will give me the best ROI? How do I get ahead of competition and become top of mind recall for my customer? What components of my business – back end / customer facing do I need to digitize – Would CRM, Lead management, Web chat etc. make sense for my business? Learn More

Pay Per Click

The Digital Marketing canvas is a competitive one and cutting across the herd mentality to bring unique perspectives is what HashTAGit is about. Pay Per Click advertising is an optimal way to buy online advertising. You only pay for the desired action, typically a click through an impression, sign up on a form or a telephonic enquiry. With complete design and implement strategies by your side, we help you sail through a steady growth curve at every step. We make sure your company gets the desired action on all campaigns you set up. Learn More

Product and Service Launch

New products and services are entering the market every day, yet some see the daylight and some fizzle out without a trace. This is because several such investments fail to rake a positive Return on Investment despite the unnerving efforts that are put in. Let us give out a fact – often a successful product or an unsuccessful product has nothing to do with the new offering that is entering the market. A strong marketing strategy ensures a proper product-push, create visibility, sustained presence, and revenue generation; while a weak marketing propaganda can handcuff you into negligible sales and frustration. Learn More

Reputation Management

The internet has been a mix of good and bad. What started as an information-sharing platform now becomes a pit of information deluge. In over a few years’ time, we have been hearing the rise and fall of Twitter handles or workstation monitoring in org structures. It is clear that the internet gastronomy has overpowered the way personal and organizational brands are playing themselves out in the market. Learn More

Social Media Campaign

Crysalis – that moment when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. HashTAGit brings crysalis to you differently, every single time. Harnessing the power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr to name a few to create your moment of crysalis is specifically meant to differentiate you from all the clutter of social media traffic and give you your own carpe diem. Learn More

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