Digital Strategy Consultant

Help you select right digital tool for your business, define KPI’s, create road map to help you get most out of your Digital marketing spend

Are you looking for answers to the following questions?

  • How do I spend my dollars in digital marketing – what channels will be the most effective and will give me the best ROI?
  • How do I get ahead of competition and become top of mind recall for my customer?
  • What components of my business – back end / customer facing do I need to digitize – Would CRM, Lead management, Web chat etc. make sense for my business?
  • Do I need a mobile app for my business? How about launching a loyalty program?

You have reached the right place. This is what excites us the most and keeps us coming back to work every morning. We are one-of-a-kind digital marketing consulting company and definitely niche from the other dim-witted marketing stringers in the country, we deliver a Digital Marketing roadmap that rolls out the red carpet based on your needs. In short, we come to you and help you walk a fine balance between brand-prominence and thought leadership.

We equally choose you as you choose us to unearth some of the best communication channels to suit your business and impact target customers, sustaining their interests for a sizeable period of time. Revenue and profits won’t be a far cry as HashTAGit closely works with companies to structure programs to target attractive customer segments, deliver the desired image and strengthen the intent that you once dreamt your brand to reflect. Our approach and recommendations are highly customized and lead to practical actions.

Why Us

Because we do everything for you, at a very fast pace



Leadership in chosen industries Healthcare, Education, startup & ecommerce

Output Focused

Output Focused

Target based deliverables we measure performance across KPI's

Technology Enabled

Technology Enabled

Technology enables delivery, leverages "HiDigify" for every assignment

Content Leadership

Content Leadership

Very strong content creation practice, be it creative, blog, video's

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Work with us and grow your buisness

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