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Helping you generate great content to become top of mind recall for your customers

A few Exabyte’s of content is created and posted on the web each day. In this deluge of content, your business content needs to stand out and we can help you achieve that. The customers have become very skillful at researching about businesses and brands online and therefore it is important to provide immensely valuable, relevant and engaging content to really become the top of the mind recall for your customers

Content Marketing will go a long way in differentiating your business from your competition and therefore should form a key component of your customer acquisition and retention strategy.

We help you create 10X better content by using our following highly differentiated & closed loop content creation approach:

  • We help you identify what your customers are looking for and would love to read and consume. This is achieved through workshops with your management team and contributions from our panel of industry experts and researchers.
  • We help you create SEO friendly and most relevant content which users want to consume including blogs, articles, whitepapers, ebooks, digital ads, videos etc. which together pull users towards your brand.
  • We help you promote your content to the relevant target audience through various social channels and then analyze and measure the success of the content to generate even more meaningful and differentiated content.

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Leadership in chosen industries Healthcare, Education, startup & ecommerce

Output Focused

Output Focused

Target based deliverables we measure performance across KPI's

Technology Enabled

Technology Enabled

Technology enables delivery, leverages "HiDigify" for every assignment

Content Leadership

Content Leadership

Very strong content creation practice, be it creative, blog, video's

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