Account Based Marketing

Making digital marketing relevant for B2B organizations by helping businesses reach the relevant audience within targeted accounts

ABM is the in-thing in the B2B sphere! Delivering stellar Return on Investment on any B2B marketing strategy or tactic – HashTAGit breaks a few rules here to redefine ABM for you. ABM is a definite magnet for B2Bs that promises a streamlined sales growth, helps you prey on bigger deals and definitely increase the pipeline velocity.
High-value target accounts are the Pandora’s Box with a potential to pump revenue to launch your growth influentially. You might be selling something as niche as a specific luxury car component to a niche clientele with a targeted segment, ABM helps you create a lasting flutter and makes you the preferred seller. A well-tufted AMB strategy can win you influence that comes to life with handholding from your sales teams. HashTAGit senses your account objectives and stirs relevant relationships in the market for hitting the most obvious ceiling – profits!
Trust and account growth, nailed!

Benefits of ABM:

  • Clear ROI
  • Reduced Resource Waste
  • It’s Personal and Optimized
  • Tracking Goals & Measurement Is Clear
  • Sales Alignment Is Easier

Key Steps of Account-Based Marketing

  • Step 1: Discover & Define Your High-Value Accounts
  • Step 2: Map Accounts & Identify Key Internal Players
  • Step 3: Define Content & Personalized Messaging
  • Step 4: Determine Optimal Channels
  • Step 5: Execute Targeted & Coordinated Campaigns
  • Step 6: Measure, Learn and Optimize

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Output Focused

Output Focused

Target based deliverables we measure performance across KPI's

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Technology Enabled

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Content Leadership

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